We believe it’s important to connect with others. A growing community provides a strong foundation of support in a walk with Christ. Dudley Shoals, Sunday School is that community! Though we have a large church facility, Sunday School is not ultimately about buildings, organizational charts, record keeping, literature or job descriptions. Sunday School is about people! It is a place for you to belong… a place to experience love, support, and encouragement! It is a place to learn the Bible and to do ministry together.

Sunday School seeks to develop and lead people to become Great Commission Christians that are involved in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, service, fellowship and worship.I encourage you to read through the most recent copy of our Sunday School directory and I invite you to strongly consider joining a Sunday School, if you have not done so already.

If you are a parent, please remember that it is very important to encourage your children to attend Sunday School. We have classes for all ages, ranging from bed babies to senior adults. Specifically for adults, we have classes for singles, coeds, couples, and men and women.

Within our brochure, you will find names of teachers who are investing their lives for the kingdom, going the second mile on a regular basis, and faithfully serving to provide meaningful Bible study and learning opportunities for you and people of all ages. You are welcome to visit a class where you can study the Word of God and meet new people!

Dudley Shoals Baptist Church would be honored by your presence and I pray that God will lead you and your family to plant your lives in kingdom building!