Dudley Shoals Baptist Church is prayerfully and eagerly seeking our God-chosen pastor who unashamedly follows Jesus Christ and is being called to lead our thriving body of believers. The shepherd of our flock needs to be a dynamic leader who is ready to invest in and build upon our solid church foundation.

Overview of Pastor’s work in our Church:

  1. Prayerfully plans and leads the worship services which includes preparing and delivering biblically-based sermons.
  2. Conducts counseling sessions; performs wedding ceremonies; conducts funerals, leads in the observance of the Baptist ordinances.
  3. Uplifts and encourages the church members in God’s service as well as ministers to members who are hurting.
  4. Promotes evangelism and personally visits/witnesses to persons associated with the church and to others in the community to actively work towards growth and outreach.
  5. Coordinates and performs pastoral care ministries with a heart for the community and a passion for missions.
  6. Leads and manages the church pastoral and ministerial staff in their efforts to serve the church in their various roles.
  7. In conjunction with church leaders, creates and promotes a biblical vision for the church and develops actionable ministry initiatives aligned with that vision.
  8. Follows the guidelines of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and the Church Constitution and Bylaws as well as your convictions and most importantly God’s direction.


  • A committed and mature follower of Jesus Christ who demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the Bible with an emphasis on teaching the Word of God with accuracy, clarity, and faithfulness.
  • Consistently meets and strives to maintain the character qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 “…above reproach, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach…filled with gentleness.”
  • Displays giftedness in key areas of shepherding which will lead people to discover and use their God-given spiritual gifts for the good of the body and the kingdom.
  • Strategic and organized in areas of leadership and administration with a humble character and disposition.
  • Self-motivated, hard-working, energetic and takes the initiative in problem-solving, accomplishing tasks, and building relationships to promote unity among the flock.
  • A life-long learner who continues seeking ways to grow professionally and personally to increase and improve ministry effectiveness.
  • Promotes a staff culture that demonstrates harmony, honesty, and servant-leadership.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, active listener, inspires trust and teamwork.


The ideal candidate must be an ordained Southern Baptist Minister. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of pastoral ministry experience is preferred.