Baptist Women Missionary Union

All Groups with the exception of the BWMU Day Group meet on the First Wednesday of every month

 - Mostly Seniors that are home all day, with a few women in their 40's.  Led by Jeanette Starnes

BWMU ~ - These women are of varying ages. Led by Margaret Arney

 BYWMU - No particular age for these women, but tend to be younger.  Led by Lorie Volz. 
Young Women On Mission (Lorrie Volz's Group) has been involved with the Summer Food Program.  On August 23, 2014 they gave each school age child in the Program a new Set of Clothing and a Bookbag full of School Supplies.   Many in the Church, helped the Group with the last part of the Summer Food Program.  Lorrie Volz has many great comments to share about this particular event: "This year has been a great year for the Program.  These Children and their Families have been especially thankful for the food to help feed the children while they were home for the Summer.  Altogether we fed over 16 children in 5 families.  We want to thank our Church Family for all the help they have given so far this year for these Families."

BWMU ~AMONG FRIENDS - These women range from College Age Girls to Women in their 40's.  Led by Audrey Mood.