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Royal Ambassadors® (RA®) is a missions discipleship organization for boys in grades 1-6. Through hands-on activities that encourage spiritual growth, games and sports, and mentoring relationships with RA leaders, RA members become a faith-based brotherhood.








RA Mission Trip to New York City>

RA mission trip to New York City from Angela Pelotte on Vimeo.

RA Flag Retiring Ceremony

72 people from the DSBC community attended


RA Flag Retiring Ceremony from Angela Pelotte on Vimeo.

When the United States flag (Old Glory) becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag, and the old flag should be "retired" with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation's flag.  The traditional method of retirement is to incinerate the flag, but this does not mean that one should simply drop the entire flag (intact) into the fire.  A flag ceases to be a flag when it is cut into pieces. In addition, it is easier to completely incinerate the flag, if it is cut into smaller pieces. A flag should never be torn up like an old bed sheet.  It should be cut up with scissors or shears in a methodical manner. The corners of the flag should be stretched out over a table top and someone should cut the flag in half, vertically (be careful not to cut the blue star field). Then, place the two halves together and cut them in half,horizontally.  You will end up with four pieces of flag, one being the blue star field.  The reason we do not cut the blue star field is it represents the union of the fifty states and one should never let the union be broken.


 The Flag Code was first formulated by the National Flag Conference meeting in Washington, June 14-15, 1923. The Flag Code was an attempt by prominent patriotic organizations to collect together in one instrument statutes, executive orders, and rules of established custom and usage relating to the U.S. flag. On Dec. 22, 1942, the 77th Congress approved Public Law 829, giving official sanction to most of the provisions of the Flag Code. This public law established the Flag Code in Title 36, U.S. Code, Chapter 10, Sections 173-178, including the Flag Code § 176(k) on disposal of unserviceable flags.
We are of the opinion that The Dudley Shoals Baptist Church RA Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is a dignified tribute to the U.S. flag and to its symbolism. We therefore conclude that this ceremony is both legal and proper, and that it is an effective instrument for promoting enhanced respect for the U.S. flag.  God Bless America!


Lads          Grades 1 - 3     

        *Leader - - Dude Starnes

Crusaders Grades 4 - 6     

        *Leaders - Jeff Starnes, Spencer Thomas

Challenger 1                             

        *Leader - - Darrel Cornett

Challenger 2                             

        *Leaders - Derek Triplett, Jimmy Starnes